Financial Planning

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Mercuri Asset Management LLC. offers comprehensive financial planning advice customized for each client.  We utilize advanced financial planning software along with years of industry experience to recommend and implement a well balanced plan.  This would include;

  • Non IRA Account – This would be considered a non-retirement account and would therefore have current tax implications.
  • Trust Accounts – Utilized for estate planning
  • College, 529, UGMA, UTMA – Future college tuition, and custodial accounts for minors

In addition to non-qualified type accounts we provide solutions to meet retirement goals through various accounts such as;

  • Traditional IRA/Roth IRA – Most people are familiar with traditional IRA’s which grow tax deferred but are later taxed.  Contributions to Roth IRA’s are on an after tax basis, which have no immediate income tax savings, grow tax deferred, and the income distributed in retirement is non taxable.
  • 401k Rollovers – After leaving an employer in which you participated in a company sponsored 401k plan, that plan can be rolled over into a new company’s plan or a self directed IRA.
  • 403b/457 Plans – These are traditionally utilized by local government, state employees and non profits for supplemental retirement income.

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