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If you would like an in depth analysis of your current plan or just have some questions we’d love to hear from you!

At Mercuri Asset Management LLC not only do we work with individuals and their retirement plans, we can also build comprehensive corporate plans with benefits for both the employer and employees.  This can include;

  • Solo 401k
  • Corporate 401k

Every business is a unique enterprise and designing a plan to facilitate the needs of the employees and employer can be a challenging task to do alone.  As an independent RIA, with the aid of Charles Schwab our custodian, we can help alleviate this stress with the most cutting edge technology.

In addition to designing a plan, we also provide personalized service by getting to know each of your employees on an individual level to help us understand their financial needs.  By doing this, we will be able to guide them through their working years and prepare for retirement.  This added benefit can result in a more stable and confident workforce as we plan for their future.

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